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I think using the web to fund causes was quite a new idea back then at the end of 1998.Now it's called 'crowd-funding.' Looking back I am somewhat embarrassed at my over-ambitiousness - if I'd known the problems I would encounter along the way I would probably have never started, but glad I did when I see the Christians we have brought together:) I quickly realized that with no money, no web knowlede and no members - I couldn't create my 'charirty' without some kind of membership base.

Interenet scammers and spammers target free sites and services!

We hope you enjoy our free Christians singles services (please read a few of our real marraige introductions testimonials at the top of this page).

What are our recommended Christian dating sites and services on the web that we have reviewed?

Although Fusion 101 free Christian dating service was from it's inception open to Christians around the world internationally, it started quite humbly from my parents garage as a British based website - and mainly catered for UK single Christians.

Our first members were from the UK but we quickly gained 100's members from the US, Canada and just about every country globally.

I originally envisaged fusion as a 'portal' - an exciting buzz-word at the time whcih basicly meant a website where Christians coud not only find other singles for arranging dates, but a virtual meeting place where Christians could find world news, life advice, articles, Christian organisations to support, and a host of other services.

I had in my mind that the entire thing would function as a kind of 'charity' and fund all kinds of worthy needs and causes - Christian and otherwise!

It featured lots of other sites and services for Christians in general.

Fusion101, unlike most Christian singles web sites had one major advantage over its competitors; I was determined from the start to offer the best free Christian dating service there was and has to that end been succesful!

By 2005 it was ranked one of the busiest sites on the Internet (59,000 on Alexa) and also now has the largest UK Christian singles database - but with a total of over 270,000 members worldwide from all continents inclusing USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa etc.

Whilst most free dating and singles sites suffer (as a consequesnce of being free - ie lack of resources and manpower) 101 has managed to do the impossible and keep its membership 98% free from time wasters and spammers - something we found by testing them, makes most free dating site we tested useless.