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Long before Pixar started showing their Academy Award nominated shorts before the Disney/Pixar films, Disney screened their cartoons in movie theaters before feature-length films.The newest cartoons from Walt Disney studios starring Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck could all be seen at the local movie theater.

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I have personally always held this version of the story close to my heart as I remember seeing this in the theater.

In 1990, before the internet, the only way to know that there was a short film before the movie was word of mouth.

Being a middle-schooler, it just wasn’t cool to talk about the latest Disney animated film, so this short came as a total surprise to me.

I watched in wonder for the 24 minute run time, fully enjoying the familiar characters.

Even now, after 19 years, this short film is still dear to my heart.

In fact, it might even be more of a gem now, since Mickey Mouse has been relegated to computer animation nowadays (see: on Disney Channel).

There’s just something about the good ol’ ink and paint and the nostalgia of a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

The story by Mark Twain is an old favorite that has been adapted many times into film and TV, this time it’s Mickey’s turn.

Mickey Mouse plays the poor villager who happens to look exactly like the prince.

The villager wants to be rich and the prince wants to have the freedom of the commoners so the two switch places for a day and wreak all kinds of havoc.

Along with Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and Pete (Mickey’s nemesis), the Disney characters act out this classic tale.