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When his set date inevitably passed much like other supposed prophecies, his movement fell apart, and its members fractured.

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The modern SDA Church began to coalesce with the writings and teachings of Ellen G. The church was officially established in Battle Creek, Michigan, on May 23, 1863, with a membership of 3,500.Membership grew with missionaries, who actively exported Seventh-day Adventism to developing nations in Asia, Africa, and South America. Although she was active in the abolitionist movement, critics allege that a particular line in her book Spiritual Gifts show that Ellen White, one of the denomination's founders may have been racist: White also advocated for segregated churches in the south, due to the fact that racist whites would probably burn integrated churches.She did send her son down south to spread Adventism to newly freed slaves. White so strongly disapproved of masturbation she would never write the word, and would instead use euphemisms when she condemned it with scientifically-inaccurate Victorian medical literature.In fact, one of the founding movers and shakers of the creationist movement was Adventist George MCready Price who peddled "flood geology" a generation before the Baptist zealot Henry M. and would eventually join up with Morris later to preach against it.That day of rest is why Seventh-day Adventists hold the true sabbath to be only on the seventh day of the week, Saturday, as opposed to the majority of Christian sects, which hold that the sabbath is on Sunday.

Adventists take this difference very seriously, to the point that some buy into a conspiracy theory about National Sunday laws (wherein other Christian denominations gang up on Adventists to mandate a Sunday-only sabbath across the nation).

a Baptist preacher who, during the early 1800s, preached that his research into biblical prophecy indicated that Jesus would return in 1843.

Seventh-day Adventism is a denomination of Christianity which holds that Jesus' return is imminent (though conveniently never setting a specific date for his return).

Its largest organized church is the Seventh-day Adventist Church, with approximately 16 million members worldwide.

It should be noted that Seventh-day Adventism necessitates a belief in young Earth creationism.

The "seventh-day" is a reference to the seventh day of the biblical creation story: God literally made the world in six 24-hour days, and then on the seventh, he rested.