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Suddenly, Aang was fully naked and couldn’t help to be emberassed because he had an erection infront of Toph.

Aang never kissed a girl before and didn’t know what to do but that didn’t matter because Toph was doing all the work.

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Please be sure to visit us again, and be sure to tell all your friends about us!Hentai Picture: Korra and her girlfirneds having some fun in the water… By the way,by the bye, isn’t it a Avatar: The Last Airbender copulation I can see there? Aang, depressed and defeated, went to his tent without saying a word. I want to make it up to you.” she said while looking at Aang. Aang, still a litle shocked, put his hand on Toph’s small, undevelopped breasts. That’s why he almost came already by just seeing Toph naked.Naughty babe from Avatar: The Last Airbender is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action in her entire lifetime… “You’ll never be if you keep dancing like that to pull out a little rock”. Toph, still sitting on the rock, pushed her hands into the rock and caused an earthquake with massive power. A few hours later it was night and Aang was still in his tent. Toph was looking at Aang’s hard penis and began fingering herself.Katara gets pumped like it is all she is good for accepting a dick in her tight ass and leaky cock pit! He only started training one week ago but being the Avatar made it easier to learn. ” said Toph, sitting on a rock while eating some peanuts. Toph began to worry and was afraid she really hurt Aang’s feelings this time. Aang looked at Toph and anwsered: “Yeah, it’s just that…I’m afraid that I won’t defeat the Fire Lord.”. Aang was getting aroused and began stroking his penis while watching Toph finger herself. Toph was moaning with pleasure and saw Aang struggling not to cum. Aang, who was really positive about his skills, made some moves and pulled a huge rock out of the ground and throwed it away with massive speed. So she decided to apologize and went to Aang’s tent. Aang was trying to hold his cum because he didn’t want to look weak to Toph.

I’ll never be a master earthbender like you.” answered Aang with little tears coming out of his eyes. “I’m sorry for all the negative comments I gave you. Without saying a word, Toph took off her clothes and suddenly, she stood entirely naked in front of Aang.“Go on” she whispered, “Touch me”. He always fantasized about Katara and Toph while masturbating.

He had erections before and even masturbated a few times.

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