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A substantial amount of scholarship has been devoted to examining the relationship between gang membership and criminal offending.

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Instead, it continues to rear its ugly head in the most unexpected places, like FYI’s hit docu-series “Married at First Sight.” The show is pulling their own version of a Psychology Today stunt.In case you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the show, a man and a woman who have been matched by a panel of experts, marry each other “at first sight.” Meaning, they meet and marry their spouse on the same day.The couple move in and live as husband and wife for 90 days before they have to make the decision to either stay married or get a divorce.The idea sounds wild but it’s not that much unlike arranged marriages. Still, after today, I’m giving the network and their experts the side eye. In a video, where the experts discuss and decide which men to cast for the show, one of the experts said: “Many of our African American men have no interest in marrying an African American woman.Specifically, this paper focuses on whether self-reported gang membership is uniquely related to victimization experiences for females compared to males.

Results from a statewide survey of public high school students in South Carolina indicate that gang membership is significantly related to the risk of victimization for both males and females.

The implications of these findings for research and policy are discussed.

The myth of the undesirable Black woman will just not go away.

Many of our African American women want husbands who are of the same race.

They are successful, they are ambitious, they are beautiful.

We want to have the opportunity to match them.” There was even a montage of three Black men who said they preferred not to be with someone of their own race and then three Black women who said they preferred to be matched with a Black man, as proof. And relationship expert, Paul Carrick Brunson, took to his Facebook to cape for Black Love and scold the “Married At First Sight” folk in the process.