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SPi Nchat became famous when IRC replicated the protocols used by the Spinchat system. The forums are heavily moderated in some areas, and not at all in others.The programmers sued every IRC user for €10 million - providing them with enough money to write a better chat system in Microsoft's visual basic 6. For example, the international board is moderated by a user who stays online all night and refreshes the page every 10 seconds, in case a posting contains a bad word.In other regions, Off-Topic boards are not moderated at all - therefore fundamentalist Christians and moody atheists post whatever seems appropriate.

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Spinchat is a dying online chat community for sexually frustrated nerds, paedophiles in hawaiian shirts, and women who are over 30 and currently taking anti-depressant medication (30plus).

It was founded in 1907 by a Wumpus using a Bulletin Board.

Spinchat started off as a test project by a group of German programmers who had no life and were obsessed with power and control over weak individuals.

The project was called ICE-Royale but was later retired due to the Fagna Carta agreement between the chatters and programmers.

A heavily moderated chatroom like 'Teens4Jesus', has at least 10 permanent operators in there at all times.

The room is inhabited by teenagers who are prone to epileptic seizures, resulting in their fingers getting stuck on the buttons whilst they're seizuring, resulting in scrolling.

This usually happens when they communicate with their gods.

Although there being an abundance of chat clients for Spinchat, no one is happy.

Noobs want more, and will even pay for to see channel text in a different color/font.

The Rex Client remains a popular choice for hax0rs.

Spinchat has several chatrooms where new users (also known as n00bs) and Spinchat oldies fight it out to see who has been on Spinchat the longest.