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The winter offers a guaranteed 29 game schedule, played on Primetime evening ice times. Centre Ice Arena also offers a four division Men’s Spring League.

Spring League offers a 16 game schedule, played from April through to the End of June.

All games played Monday through Sunday on Primetime evening Ice times . USE OUR LEAGUE REGISTRATION PAGE TO GET YOU OR YOUR TEAM IN THIS SPRING!!!!!!!!!!

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Currently the SIAHL has more than 3500 players participating in over 170 teams and 12 divisions with flights.

The winter season will consist of 24 games (two preseason) while the spring season will consist of 18 games (two pre-season and 16 regular season games).

Following the regular season, qualifying teams will participate in a playoff tournament to determine division champions.

From the challenging weather to pulling your fish through 4 feet of ice, ice fishing is an extreme sport. Power Pro ICE-TEC is ideal for the ice fisherman because of its extreme abrasion resistance. The Yellow is ideal for extra visibility of your line.

When that trophy fish decides to make a run, you can rest assured that Power Pro ICE-TEC has the abrasion resistance to keep you in the game. It is often used with a short section of Fluorocarbon Leader to give the angler high visibility but the bait a stealthy approach.

Couple this with its small line diameter for a more life-like presentation and now you have a winning combination, whether on the bucket or in a shack. Ice anglers spend hours on a frozen surface and face some of the toughest conditions an angler can face on this planet.

Centre Ice Arena offers a seven division men’s League in the Winter, played from September through to March. USE OUR LEAGUE REGISTRATION PAGE TO GET YOUR TEAM IN FOR THIS WINTER.