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When it comes to researching and implementing a successful strategy, you should look at both success models and failure models to have a full understanding of the environment and situation.

What is sad is these black male wannabee that talk about economic empowerment and got Dr.

Claude Anderson name in their mouth cannot even name the other cats in this world and profile what they are doing because they want to front an image more than create solutions and betterment.

Now let’s talk about Detroit because during the early 2000s there were two attempts by two individuals to try to create economic plans for the black community. Claude Anderson, a fish farmer and pundit and another was Derrick Coleman a former professional athlete.

Anybody who tell you they know all about black economics and cannot articulate who I just named is full of crap and you should be smart enough to know this.

If we want to go further, we can start naming Mo Ibrahim in Africa who worked with African dictatorships to start bringing in more democratic ruling and the Chinese to stabilize African nations and now many countries in Africa are establishing double-digit economic growth.

We can talk about all of the black Africans involved in establishing digital money frameworks and remittance and setting up dams for electricity and so on.

All of these cats are your black economic leadership that expands worldwide and adopted global patterns and practices with success models.

Please note that we have a lot of wannabees running around with Dr.

Claude Anderson name in their mouth and have nothing but emotions running through their body. Claude Anderson, the reality is he is no father of black economics or modern economics or anything. Claude Anderson is just another light-skinned curly headed brotha who got into the white privilege circles during the 1970s and became a radio talk show host and book writer and now peddling Black Nationalism to sell books and advance his business. Claude Anderson for being an elder but do not think for one second I worship him like the rest of these wannabee brothas running around because I know what is real in this arena. Claude Anderson biggest flaw is exactly what I described.

The only African-Americans we have that proven and established true modern urban economic development were Maynard Jackson, former mayor of Atlanta; Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta; Bill Campbell, former mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, former mayor of Atlanta and Kasim Reed, current mayor of Atlanta.

No one in this country done anything close to the people I mentioned in terms of building true economic development and culture for economic opportunities for black people and let’s make sure we have that understanding.