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"We reached out to her staff and asked for permission to use her photo," Colford said, adding that they "were allowed to use it for editorial purposes." The agency wrote a quick blog post about it saying exactly that: "Oscar host Ellen De Generes granted The Associated Press the rights for the editorial useā€¦" The problem, according to Los Angeles-area entertainment lawyer Ethan Kirschner, whom The Wire also spoke with, is that De Generes might not own the copyright on the photo.

Star Wars is rightfully everywhere this week, and that includes on Facebook, which will now let you add a lightsaber overtop of your profile picture to get you in the mood for the new movie.You can choose between totally-evil red and obviously Luke's blue.Facebook's tool lets you position the lightsaber in different places around your photo, but as you can see in my quick attempt above, finding the right photo is not as easy as it sounds.Facebook started testing the ability to temporarily change your profile picture in September, and has since rolled the feature out widely.Though it had originally been discussed as a way to show support for causes that were big at a given moment, the addition of temporary lightsabers today makes it clear that this could be a big advertising tool for Facebook, too.

In addition to causes, Facebook also has permanent options for putting sports team logos over your picture.

It's not stated whether the Star Wars promos will stick around, but it'd make sense: hype for The Force Awakens may be gone in a few weeks, but there'll always be another Star Wars next year. on i Tunes, listen on Sound Cloud, or subscribe via RSS. You can also find the entire collection of What's Tech?

The Associated Press asked Ellen De Generes for permission to share her now-famous Oscar selfie with subscribers to their photo service. While hosting the Oscars on Sunday night, De Generes went into the audience to take a photo with a cluster of Hollywood bigwigs (and one bigwig's brother).

In case you're emerging from a coma long enough to have missed the story but short enough to be aware of the word "selfie," here's what happened.

Her (successful) goal was to beat the all-time record for retweets, which, as of writing, she's done three times over.

According to Paul Colford of the Associated Press, who spoke with The Wire by phone, the AP simply asked De Generes for permission to use the photo, and it was granted.