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) The Sagittarius man is, of all the signs of the zodiac, possibly one of the easiest to ‘acquire’.

They have an I’ll-try-anything-once approach to life and, when asked out on a date, will most likely say ‘yes’, just to see where it all might lead.

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Plus, the Sagittarius man is rarely in awe of authority figures, so he is unlikely to be fearful of reprisals from his supervisor.He is always keen to lift a co-worker’s spirits, so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look a little glum and in need of some cheering-up.A perfect talking point for the Sagittarius man is travel.If you’re looking for a little excitement (or a lot of excitement), look no further than the Sagittarius man.Typically, they are thrill seekers, with an I’ll-try-anything-once lust for life.

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But be quick, because as soon as somebody else asks him out, he’ll shed his singleton status and leap off the shelf in a flash.

If you want to be absolutely certain of a ‘yes’ when you make your move, you’ll probably want to take account of the following.

At work, the Sagittarius man will generally be getting on with things.

However, he isn’t particularly career-minded, and so he’ll be quite easy to engage in conversation.