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A young Hungarian girl struggles to find her place in the world when she's reunited with her parents in the USA years after she was left behind during their flight from the communist country in the 1950s.

A young woman, Pursy (played by Scarlett Johansson), learns that her estranged mother has died in New Orleans.

She returns to her mother's house to discover that it is inhabited by two men, one an aging alcoholic, Bobby Long (John Travolta).

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However, she finds that the completely decayed house has two drunken dwellers: the former English professor Bobby Long (John Travolta) and his former assistant Lawson Pines (Gabriel Macht), who has unsuccessfully been trying to write a book about the life of Bobby Long for nine years.

She decides to share the place living together with them and after their initial difficult relationship, they disclose deep secrets and improve their lives."A Love Song for Bobby Long" is a bitter tale of love, friendship and synergy of invisible people.

With many citations of important writers, the dramatic story has excellent lines and is very positive, with good messages and a well resolved conclusion.

Several background extras were brought to a New Orleans location, fitted for costumes, fed dinner, and then sent home without pay because their scene had been cut.

Some New Orleans retailers complained that thousands of dollars worth of clothes were returned unused because the scenes they were bought for were never filmed.

See more » In Florida, the teenager Purslane Hominy Will (Scarlett Johansson) is lately informed by her mate that her mother passed away.She returns to her hometown, New Orleans, for the funeral and decided to live in her mother's house. Born Sandra Annette Bullock on 26th July, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, USA and educated at Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia, United States (1982), she is famous for Speed, The Net, Gravity in a career that spans 1987–present. Country stars Thompson Square join us to share their new song ' You Make It Look So Good' and talk about having their first child together.But first, we talk Justin going naked once again, this time on his Hawaiian vacation. Also: stuff we're crushing on: Kylie, The US Olympic Team, and the song from ' Stranger Things' by Echo and The Bunnymen ' Nocturnal! Born Matthew David Mc Conaughey on 4th November, 1969 in Uvalde, TX and educated at Longview High School, Longview, Texas (1988), he is famous for Contact in a career that spans 1991–present.