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Also, I'll be watching the latest anime every season.

About my list: My list consists of anime that I watched recently, I'm watching right now and what I want to watch.

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It was very different from the superrobots like Voltes V. As time passed, I watched a lot more when we had AXN and Animax in our television. Then my friends gave me links to anime sites and burned some DVDs for me to watch. And now I realized, despite watching anime my whole life, it was too little compared to other people, especially my classmates.

My goal now is to watch as many anime as possible because I lost some time before when I lost Axn and Animax.

But because of experience, knowledge and time constraints, I'll only watch what interests me.

I'll also watch what my friends say, as well as high rating anime.

I also watched some sentais like Fiveman, and Jetman.

Ever since I was little, I watched a lot of oldies, like DBZ, Bt'X and Yu Yu Hakusho.The local TV showed different anime dubbed and I watched them before studying. The shows were limited when we switched cables so I slowly drifted away from anime. At first I only read manga because I watched FMA(original) and heard that the manga was different.The anime that I really liked before was Gundam Wing. Then I read more manga like Rosario+Vampire and Ichigo100%.My manga list consists of mangas I picked up, given to me, or I read by popular demand.Some of them are released irregularly but if they haven't been updated for a long time, it's placed on my on-hold list.Scoring: Even though they are still airing, I place a score on the shows I'm watching because that is what I think on that anime at the moment. I cried, I laughed, I was intrigued, I was mind blown by everything that this show has to offer. My manga list has a different scoring than my anime list.