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I, however, know what a gem this man has been to me.

Also, he is the only person in my life other than on hear that I can be totally candid about what I am experiencing as a bipolar person.He knows what I am going through and does not judge me And likewise.We keep each others secrets about it and we never use this diagnosis against each other as many people without it might try to do at times.The most difficult part though, I have to say, other than med changes sometimes..the financial part of it.He is not a top earner because he is very withdrawn at times, anti-social, and sometimes paranoid. We don't have much but we have each other and he gives me all he can. We always say, if we ever won the lotto, how absolutely lucky we would be..many problems solved.

But, for now, the reality is obviously that we have to count our pennies and count on each other.My father and friends think I should date someone more stable esp financially at times. We spoke non stop for a month and then after exchanging fb info I found out he is bipolar II. Sometimes, he is in a depression, or acting strange, having paranoia, etc. I was just coming out of a terrible depression and it was like fate that he popped into my life. While I also think he may be Schizoaffective, our relationship can be challenging at times.I quickly freaked out, because being I will be totally honest with you from my perspective. On the other hand, sometimes I am irritable, have crying spells, and or mania.The positive side of this is..both support each other whole heartedly.