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Peeling away the layers and magnifying the image to its core, she exposes the depth of her subject’s anatomy, its dynamism, its turbulence, and its unpredictability.

With her unique vision rooted in Fractals, and a glazing technique inherent in the 17th Century Dutch masters, Deborah’s work is both a fresh perspective of and a deep insight into the familiar.

Deborah Bigeleisen’s elegantly deceptive flower paintings hover on the cusp between abstraction and representation, with different series leaning more to one than to the other, that nonetheless all take as their common denominator or point of origin the inherent non-objectivity of nature itself when explored as pure design or even mathematics, removed from our preconception of the image as a flower, or closely cropped petals.

That we are left able to recognize these images as such is a tantalizing way to seduce the viewer into myriad complexities that themselves slowly unfold as do the petals from which they draw their inspiration.

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