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Dating Violence Among Emancipating Foster Youth Jonson-Reid, Scott, Mc Millen, & Edmond View Abstract Presents findings regarding the prevalence of dating violence among foster youth and explores associations between maltreatment history, foster care placement history, mental health or substance abuse, and self-reported dating violence.

(Back to Top) Expect Respect Details a program developed in Austin, Texas, and replicated in communities across the country, that helps youth raise expectations and skills for healthy relationships, increases safety and respect on school campuses, and supports youth leadership in violence prevention.

Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) Center Against Domestic Violence (2005) Includes lesson plans, parent workshops, and staff development materials for a school-based curriculum developed in New York City that teaches students to recognize and prevent teen relationship abuse.

Strategy Educating teens about abusive relationships helps prevent teen dating violence.

The impact of domestic violence on children may continue through adolescence and adulthood.

Adolescents who have grown up in violent homes are at risk of recreating the abusive relationships they have seen.

The following resources help to equip child welfare professionals with information on how to prevent and respond to teen dating violence, State and local examples.The Date Safe Project Provides schools, students, and parents with educational resources to help address teen dating and sexual assault awareness in the community.Teen Dating Violence Prevention Recommendations for Teens, Parents, School Personnel, Mental Health Professionals and School Counselors, Physicians and Health Care Professionals, Judges and Court Personnel, Victim Attorneys and Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers, and Domestic Violence Organizations (PDF - 1120 KB) American Bar Association (2006) Includes a series of recommendations written by teens that are targeted at nine key groups deemed critical to successful teen dating violence prevention efforts.Teen Sexuality and Relationships Feldheim View Abstract Discusses the range of special permanency planning issues that are faced by teenagers in the child welfare system who are involved in dating relationships and are sexually active.Teens, Dating Violence, and Media Use: A Review of the Literature and Conceptual Model for Future Research Manganello Trauma, Violence, and Abuse: A Review Journal, 9(1), 2007 View Abstract Provides an overview of the prevalence of teen dating violence, describes the potential for assessing media use as a risk factor, offers a conceptual model, and suggests ideas for future research.Understanding Teen Dating Abuse (PDF - 159 KB) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2006) Defines teen dating violence, presents risk factors and health effects, and describes prevention approaches.