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The club offers a variety of services including: Contract court time, racket stringing, lessons for kids and adults, quick-start 10 and under tennis, mens ladder, usta mens and mixed doubles leagues, and USTA sanctioned tournaments. I am now a volunteer firefighter and a touring musician playing guitar I owe less than ,000 but every time I make a payment the interest replaces it. My story starts at Appalachian State University, an in-state public university in North Carolina, where I am from. Instead, I have a degree I cannot use because the field is locked down (medical assisting) and an insurmountable debt. After helping EMT's revive a construction worker outside my house I decided to go to EMT school I graduated however I can't get a job with my certification. Sometimes I blame my parents, sometimes I blame myself for having a dream, but in the end, the fact is

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Adults Fall 2016 SCHEDULE: Adults Indoor Tennis Brochure 16 weeks NEW!

WITC Brochure 2016-2017 and SUMMER CAMP 2016 Schedule!

**Please Note-Thursday Kids classes end on Thursday May 26 & NOT on June 2** FALL SESSION ACES CLASSES-SNOW MAKE UPS: Saturday Jan.

23 & Sunday January 24–Makeup is Sunday April 10 **1 hour class 12-1pm **1 1/2 hour class 1-pm ** 2 hour class 2-4pm Monday January 25–Make-up is Monday June 13 ** Make up times are the same as original schedule CONTRACT COURT TIME-SNOW MAKE UP: Saturday Jan.

23 Snow Day-Extent 1 extra week (May 21) Sunday Jan.

24 Snow Day-Extent 1 extra week (May 22) Monday Jan.25 Snow Day-Extent 1 extra week (May 16) **Winter 2016 NOW available-click link above** ******HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE****** The Westfield Indoor Tennis Club is a family owned and managed business since 1969.The club hosts 5 indoor deco turf courts, mens and women’s lounge and a state of the art lighting system. My wife and I have been married 3 years and she desperately wants kids.It seems no matter how much I try it will never get paid. I was a student there from 2006-2008, freshman and sophomore year.I went to school to better myself for my two daughters. I had no clue of how to immerse myself in the conformity of listening to biology and psychology professors babble on and on. So, the summer after my freshman year I decided to research and apply (why not?