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During the confrontation, Wo Fat snuck up on Steve and tasered him, using Steve's gun to kill Jameson before fleeing the scene, making it look like Steve killed Jameson.As a result of this Steve was arrested and imprisoned for Jameson's death while Hawaii Five-0 was broken up and their Headquarters shut down.A week after the Governor's death and Steve's arrest in the episode Ha'i'ole, Chin noticed Wo Fat at Governor Jameson's funeral. His two bodyguards, Pao Dan and Wei Ling, tried to stop Chin but were defeated after a short scuffle.

Wo Fat wanted to know what Steve knew about him so far and also warned Steve not to dig too deeply into the Mc Garrett family history because Steve might not like what he finds with the confrontation presumably leaving Steve deeply shaken.In the Season 1 episode finale Oia'i'o, Wo Fat arranges a car bomb that kills Laura Hills, Governor Pat Jameson's assistant, leaving Jameson devastated and Steve hellbent on searching for answers.Steve eventually and personally confronted Jameson by breaking into her mansion where Jameson told him that she had ordered Hill's death after she learned she was sending Steve packages with evidence from John Mc Garrett's investigation.Wo Fat was a crime boss and former agent for the Chinese Ministry of Interior who is an enemy of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, most notably its leader, Lieutenant Commander Steve Mc Garrett, and the series' principal antagonist up until his death on November 14, 2014 at Steve's hands.Wo Fat made his debut appearance at the end of the episode Hana 'a'a Makehewa, where he spoke to assassin Victor Hesse, the man responsible for killing John Mc Garrett, Steve's father.

In the episode Ke Kinohi, Fat was seen playing golf with the Honolulu Yakuza's crime boss, Hiro Noshimuri when Steve and Detective Sergeant Danny Williams confronted Hiro and Hiro's brother, Koji, about stealing evidence concerning the car bomb murder of Steve's mother and the kidnapping of Steve's sister Mary.After the arrest of Hiro Noshimuri for arranging the theft, it is implied that Wo Fat was of some importance as he was seen being chauffeured around in a golf cart by a bodyguard.In the episode Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio Agent Jenna Kaye shows Steve a picture of Wo Fat speaking to Victor Hesse in prison.Jenna told Steve that Hesse and Hiro both worked for Wo Fat, and that while she was in the CIA she was working on Wo Fat's case.She found that Wo Fat was in Macao and had a CIA send a grab team to capture him, but it turned out to be a trap.The whole team was killed, including Jenna's fiancé, Joshua Hirsch although his fate was not disclosed until later on in the series.