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Ah, wasteful, race-to-the bottom consumerism…You will never see The Kermit Chair suffer such an ignominious end, however, because this is the real deal, a hand-crafted piece of artistic sitz-tech that will keep your butt off the ground with unmatched elegance, ruggedness, and utility.Constructed of beautiful oak and aluminum structural elements, with Cordura fabric, the Kermit weighs only 5 lbs. When you are ready for your last folding chair, the Kermit Chair awaits. Share your comments and experience with Aerostich products.Please login (click here) to the Aerostich web site (logging-in is required to post a review). If you have comments about product selections, pricing, ordering, delivery, business policies or other customer service issues, please do not use a product review. This chair is well worth the price considering how sturdy and well thought out and manufactured it is.I am a big guy (260lbs) and I have had no problems with this chair. Now if I were to loose another one I would expect to have to purchase it, but this was a nice surprise!!The leg extensions are a bit on the heavy side but I just leave those at home if I am trying to pack light. I've got several hundred hours on my Kermit with hundreds of packings. I would not even think about buying another one of these fine chairs, I would JUST DO IT!!!! Kinda spindly looking." But this chair is built solid and looks to last far, far longer than any other camp chair alternative.Without the extensions it's pretty low to the ground which makes it a little ungainly to get out of but it is very comfortable while you are in it. Still the best piece of gear I've owned and has outlasted all the rest of my camping gear and several friends. Without a doubt, the most comfortable camp chair you will ever use. Having a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the campfire, morning coffee or just relaxing this chair makes camping feel like home. Aside from being the most packable/comfortable/Durable camp chair on the planet, Kermit has the BEST customer service I have come across in a long time! It packs down relatively small, but most importantly it is very comfortable.