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The issues in these lists are not necessarily formal ISO Defect Reports (DR's).

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The purpose of this document is to record the status of issues which have come before the Library Working Group (LWG) of the INCITS PL22.16 and ISO WG21 C++ Standards Committee.Issues represent potential defects in the ISO/IEC IS 14814(E) document.This document contains only library issues which are actively being considered by the Library Working Group, i.e., issues which have a status of New, Open, Ready, or Review.See Library Defect Reports List for issues considered defects and Library Closed Issues List for issues considered closed.Public information as to how to obtain a copy of the C++ Standard, join the standards committee, submit an issue, or comment on an issue can be found in the c++ FAQ.

How to submit an issue Issues reported to the LWG transition through a variety of statuses, indicating their progress towards a resolution.Typically, most issues will flow through the following stages.Such notes are strictly unofficial and should be read with caution as they may be incomplete or incorrect.Be aware that LWG support for a particular resolution can quickly change if new viewpoints or killer examples are presented in subsequent discussions.For the most current official version of this document see Requests for further information about this document should include the document number above, reference ISO/IEC 14814(E), and be submitted to Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), 1250 Eye Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.