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WEYMOUTH provides the backdrop for a new commercial to be shown on TV screens from tomorrow.

The town’s harbourside was chosen for the latest location for Confused.com’s series of adverts starring ‘Brian’, a friendly robot.

Brian and a film crew visited the town last November, turning a few heads as people recognised the TV robot, which promotes the car insurance price comparison site.

Weymouth is just one stop on Brian’s travels around the UK.

Marketing Director at Joby Russell said: “The advert features one of the most well-known fishing towns in the UK – Weymouth.

“We were really pleased that we could incorporate this quintessentially British seaside setting into Brian’s adventures, and hope that Brian will make a return visit to Weymouth one day soon.” The advertising campaign has been created in association with Publicis London.

I've already detailed how much I hate the new advert, and how muddled and, well, confusing, it is.

As if to prove it, Ad Turds' Google Analytics account is filled with keyword queries from people who now think the price-comparison site is a dating agency, thanks to its barmy new Somebody To Love advert.

Among the queries are the following, which probably run to around three figures in terms of volumes, which go to show how baffled punters are by the new advert: • dating • confused dating • confused dating site • dating site • confused. com dating website • looks dating • dating sites love confused • dating site • thought advert was dating • somebody to love dating ad There are still plenty of people of who simply appear to dislike the advert, and plenty more that just seem to be – I hate to keep saying it – confused by the whole thing.

That should come as no surprise, this is Confused.com's fourth or fifth attempt at finding some sort of brand identity.

Does anyone know if the music used in the adverts (the new ones, with the family looking at all the quotes) is anything other than a jingle? filename=TA9691 Nobody has yet answered this question.

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