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Tell us about your experiences with the early days of the worldwide web and the internets. I could spend hours in the AOL chat rooms, flaming people. Ended up getting grandfathered in and have a permanent free BYOA account. I met someone who said he looked like Montgomery Clift.

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My mom opened it and flipped out at me (someone had our address, how could i talk to strangers on the internet, etc...).

I was just lucky that this was a female I was talking to at the time. Does anyone else remember having to hit "enter" like 1000 times just to get in one of the (thousands) of M4M rooms? They only allowed like 21 people in the room or something like that.

It was just for fun & harmless to me (I was 14-16 during all this)... I think AOL email started handling pics at some point, but before that you had to use UUENCODE. So, you'd have "Los Angeles M4M, Los Angeles M4M2, Los Angeles M4M4Now" but as it got into 5 and 6, nobody would really be in the room.

He was into me, too, and it was one of my top five fucks of all time.

I could have fallen in love with him, but it doesn't make sense to fall in love with an escort, right, so I never saw him again. He said his name was Jason, and he was from Morristown, NJ.

We met in DC and he'd be in his 40s now, maybe 50 years old.When I was on Delphi, a lady mailed me her photo in the actual postal mail. One couldn't open a mailbox or a breadbox without an AOL floppy or CD falling out. Then local ISPs offered much easier dial up connections. But early on it was the only service with a local telephone number. AOL software was a horrible resource hog and was required to use the service.He came over and while he didn't look like Monty, he was VGL.