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I thought 'oh s***, this isn't good'."All hell broke loose."He followed the car at a distance, as it repeatedly narrowly avoided colliding with oncoming traffic.

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The footage was uploaded to a "dangerous driving" Facebook page on Monday.

It showed a motorist in Timaru almost reversing into a cyclist, crossing the centre line and driving over a kerb.

A Timaru police officer said he had never seen anyone drive in that manner before.

The woman was then taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The incident was a timely reminder for people to get the full story before posting on social media, the woman's daughter-in-law said."It's a little snippet of bad driving, but it doesn't show what happened after.

The family didn't think it was right - and many would agree they had a point.On Wednesday, a video of a woman caught on a dash-cam driving erratically during a medical event attracted significant attention.The family of a woman caught on dash-cam footage driving erratically during a medical event say the incident highlights the dangers of social media.Dash-cam footage uploaded to the New Zealand Dangerous Driving Videos Facebook page on Monday appears to show a Timaru motorist nearly reverse into a cyclist, swerving over the centre line, driving in the cycle lane, and driving over the kerb.It has since emerged that the driver was having a medical event, and was later taken to hospital by ambulance.Ballard said he was shocked by what he witnessed."I saw the car backing out and nearly hit that cyclist.