Dating a boxer

By Andrew Eisele 59 Wins, 3 Losses, 50 Knockouts201211-10 -- Mariusz Wach, Hamburg, Germany, W 12(Retained WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight titles)07-07 -- Tony Thompson, Berne, Switzerland, TKO 6 *RECAP*(Retained WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight titles)03-03 -- Jean Marc Mormeck, Düsseldorf, Germany, TKO 4 *RECAP*(Retained WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight titles)201107-02 -- David Haye, Hamburg, Germany, W 12 *RECAP*(Retained IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles)(Won WBA Heavyweight Title)201009-11 -- Samuel Peter, Frankfurt, Germany, TKO 10 *RECAP*(Retained IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles)03-20 -- Eddie Chambers, Düsseldorf, Germany, TKO 12 *RECAP*(Retained IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles)200906-20 -- Ruslan Chagaev, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, TKO 10 *RECAP*(Retained IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles)200812-13 -- Hasim Rahman, Mannheim, Germany, TKO 7 *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)07-12 -- Tony Thompson, Hamburg, Germany, KO 11 *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)02-23 -- Sultan Ibragimov, New York, NY, W 12 *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)(Won WBO Heavyweight Title) 200707-07 -- Lamon Brewster, Cologne, Germany, TKO 6 *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)03-10 -- Ray Austin, Mannheim, Germany, TKO *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)200611-11 -- Calvin Brock, New York, NY, TKO 7 *RECAP*(Retained IBF Heavyweight Title)04-22 -- Chris Byrd, Mannheim, Germany, TKO 7 *RECAP*(Won IBF Heavyweight Title)200509-24 -- Samuel Peter, Atlantic City, NJ, W 12 *RECAP*04-23 -- Eliseo Castillo, Dortmund, Germany, TKO 4200410-02 -- Da Varryl Williamson, Las Vegas, NV, W Tech Dec 504-10 -- Lamon Brewster, Las Vegas, NV, TKO by 5(For WBO Heavyweight Title)200312-20 -- Danell Nicholson, Kiel, Germany, TKO 408-30 -- Fabio Moli, Munich, Germany, KO 103-08 -- Corrie Sanders, Hannover, Germany, TKO by 2(Lost WBO Heavyweight Title)200212-07 -- Jameel Mc Cline, Las Vegas, NV, W TKO 10(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)06-29 -- Ray Mercer, Atlantic City, NJ, W TKO 6(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)03-16 -- Francois Botha, Stuttgart, Germany, W TKO 8(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)200108-04 -- Charles Shufford, Las Vegas, NV, W TKO 6(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)03-24 -- Derrick Jefferson, Munich, Germany, W TKO 2(Retained WBO Heavyweight Title)200010-14 -- Chris Byrd, Cologne, Germany, W 12(Won WBO Heavyweight Title)07-15 -- Monte Barrett, London, England, W TKO 704-29 -- David Bostice, New York, NY, W TKO 203-18 -- Paea Wolfgramm, Hamburg, Germany, W KO 1199912-04 -- Lajos Erös, Hannover, Germany, W KO 211-12 -- Phil Jackson, Las Vegas, NV, W KO 209-25 -- Axel Schulz, Cologne, Germany, W TKO 807-17 -- Joseph Chingangu, Dusseldorf, Germany, W TKO 505-22 -- Tony La Rosa, Budapest, Hungary, W TKO 104-24 -- Everett (Bigfoot) Martin, Munich, Germany, W TKO 802-13 -- Zoran Vujecic, Stuttgart, Germany, W KO 1199812-05 -- Ross Puritty, Kiev, Ukraine, L TKO 1111-14 -- Donnell Wingfield, Munich, Germany, W KO 110-03 -- Eli Dixon, Augsburg, Germany, W KO 309-19 -- Steve Pannell, Oberhausen, Germany, W KO 208-06 -- Carlos Monroe, Marksville, LA, W TKO 607-10 -- Najee Shaheed, Munich, Germany, W KO 105-23 -- Cody Koch, Offenburg, Germany, W KO 403-14 -- Everett Martin, Hamburg, Germany, W 802-14 -- Marcos Mc Intyre, Stuttgart, Germany, W KO 3199712-20 -- Derrick Lampkins, Offenburg, Germany, W TKO 112-13 -- Ladislav Husarik, Hamburg, Germany, W TKO 312-06 -- Jerry Halstead, Offenbach, Germany, W TKO 210-11 -- Marcos Gonzalez, Cottbus, Germany, W KO 209-20 -- James Pritchard, Aachen, Germany, W TKO 308-23 -- Biko Botowamungo, Stuttgart, Germany, W TKO 507-12 -- Gilberto Williamson, Hagen, Germany, W TKO 306-27 -- Salvador Maciel, Offenburg, Germany, W KO 106-13 -- Paul Ashley, Oberhausen, Germany, W KO 205-10 -- Mark Wills, Frankfurt, Germany, W KO 104-12 -- Mark Young, Aachen, Germany, W TKO 202-15 -- Carlos Monroe, Cottbus, Germany, W DQ 601-25 -- Troy Weida, Stuttgart, Germany, W TKO 3199612-21 -- Bill Corrigan, Frankfurt, Germany, W TKO 111-30 -- Exum Speight, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, W TKO 211-16 -- Fabian Meza, Hamburg, Germany, W KO 1Wladimir Klitschko - Date of Birth: March 25, 1976Note: Beginning March 1, 2013, this site will no longer be updated.

And even if you're not Jordan's build, you can use a similar boxing routine to chisel powerhouse arms, get a ripped core, or simply improve your speed and cardiovascular fitness.

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And clearly underwear is a very personal thing, and we all have different standards in terms of what we look for in comfort, fit and fabric.

I have to admit, for everyday boxers I like cotton, but not just any old cotton.

Here I have highlighted my ten favorite men's boxer underwear.

Weight: Unless otherwise noted, use the heaviest weight that allows you to complete all prescribed repetitions for a given set.

Silly and a bit flirty, these nonetheless charming singing boxer shorts serenade your friends, family or loved ones for a happy singing Valentine's Day ecard.

He has a friend who also makes a "brief" appearance behind him.

Boxer underwear is without a doubt most men's top choice for the type of underwear they wear.

And to make sure you don't get your ass kicked, we've also included advice to help you master all the essential punches every guy should know, and some tips for treating your battle scars.

Frequency: Plan on training three days per week (Workout IV, V, and VI, etc.), resting at least a day between each session. What follows are weeks two through four of the program.

How to Do It: Perform the exercise pairs (marked A and B) as alternating sets, resting the prescribed amount of time between each set.

(So you'll do one set of A, rest, then one set of B, rest again, and repeat for all the prescribed sets.) Perform the remaining exercises as straight sets, completing all the prescribed sets for one exercise before moving on to the next.