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We get to bed before 10 and spend an hour discussing our day before we fall asleep sharing the same pillow. Tone is a great teacher; he teaches me everything he knows about farming.One of my favourite jobs is to ride in the tractor with him – I love that I can share his work with him.I think the fact that we can spend so much time together on the farm brings us closer together.

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Tone’s day is unpredictable, as a farmer you never know what might come up.He is a mechanic, engineer, tradie and a vet all rolled into one.I get home at about 5 and prepare tea, Tone will get home between 7 and 8 pm – we eat tea together and relax. I enjoy farm life, although there are two sets of gates I have to get through to get home which kill me – especially in winter when I am coming home from work in my corporate wear and end up covered in mud and cow poo! I love driving the tractors, milking the cows, riding the quad bike around.After just six months from meeting on e Harmony, Minda and Anthony (AKA ‘Tone’) were engaged.Minda packed up her life, quit her job and moved to Anthony’s dairy farm in Victoria.

Having just celebrating their first wedding anniversary, we caught up with Minda to chat about all things mud, cows and tractors – and why she prefers a farmer over a city guy! It wasn’t in my initial life plan, but I’m ever so happy that I did!What was it like packing up your life and moving to Anthony’s farm? Tony never officially asked me to move to the farm, I knew that that was where my life was going to be, after dating him for a month I told my boss I would be actively looking for work near the farm. When I officially moved in, I did have a little break down as I realised this was going to be my home for the rest of my life (I would never live in Paris, or on the beach), but then Tone gave me a cuddle and I was thrilled that this was my home.Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. Now that we spend so much time online, our digital…Take care lovers, wherever you are, as Valentine’s Day is soon upon us.Whether you’re in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, research over a number of years shows that February 14 can be a…Online dating and romance scams continue to lure in Australians with figures this week showing people have lost more than A million this year alone, with average individual losses at A,000 – three…Singld Out, an online dating service based on “cutting-edge” science, has the solution for busy singles to sniff out the perfect companion. The dating site, in conjunction with a company called…Online daters continue to express outrage about the revelation that Ok Cupid has been experimenting on users by telling them they matched well with people they had nothing in common with to see if they…You might have noticed recently that a plague of “selfies” with tigers appears to have overtaken mobile dating app Tinder (where users “swipe right” to indicate interest; left to reject).Globally, so…Older adults are the fastest-growing demographic on online dating websites, so much so that there has been a recent proliferation of sites catering specifically for the senior market, such as Dating Over60s…Regulation of our intimate lives has always been a thorny issue.The anti-sodomy laws of the past and the same-sex marriage issue today illustrate times when policymakers can get it very, very wrong.