Dating and relationships podcast

In other news: Ryan Lochte was robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps retires from the Olympics, Usain Bolt wins gold, Simone Biles wins gold on the vault for the U. Gymnastics team and Donald Trump is still a jackass.Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world.

Jenna Brister stops by the podcast studio to talk about her stint on The Bachelorette, what she thinks about Jojo and the whole process of filming with the Bachelor franchise.We also talk about the keys to a healthy relationship, Jenna explains how her boy and her went from friend zone to dating.We discuss the book 'The Five Love Languages' and decide upon which languages we crave.You know that couple that's known for having 'spirited debates' and acting a fool in front of company? Each week is an in-depth discussion regarding the pros and cons of love, happiness, & relationships.The couple who sucks you into their argument and before you know it you've picked a side and joined in? The Swirl World - i OS - Married couple from Louisville, KY going through our Geeky, Techie, foodie life and having fun doing it.

We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.

We are a married millennial couple navigating our post-graduate life through a podcast. Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @Cheeky Bobbi and @Cydney Poppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs.

The Birds, The Bess & The Bullsh*t - A podcast dedicated to a new kind of sex talk. Unfiltered opinions on dating, relationships and pop culture.

Each week your hosts and self titled relationship theorists, She Badkins and Sivart Le-Vell, will navigate listeners through the intricacies of modern romance, offering unfiltered answers to the questions we all have but didn't know whom to ask. She's from the bayou & he's from the Caribbean waters. Includes heated debates, discussion groups, hilarious story times, dating advice and much more.

Cake And Sausage (soundcloud) - i OS- We are very opinionated and love sharing our unique experiences from polar opposite perspectives. Aims to support black culture, businesses and people all over the world. The Drunken Knights, Protectors of Truth, are 3 men from various backgrounds (married ,single, & divorced) give their honest opinions on sex, love and relationships, manhood, and various other topics. Swoop always have plenty of laughs all while opening up to their listeners providing personal experience as well as accepting criticism from their listeners.... The Stormy Show (soundcloud) - The Stormy Weather Show is a weekly podcast recording from Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley.

We definitely cross the line of sharing too much information about our personal lives at times, but our listeners love it, and we've made long-term friends from the support of our listeners. The show is hosted by Jahzid, Soulja, Payshence, & Greg B.