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FULKERSON as a widow living in New Castle Ward 7, Lawrence Co., PA. He remained with this company after disposing of his interests and has charge of their coal and ice trade, his long experience making him particularly valuable to this corporation. Being located on the borough line, he has cut up a part of the farm into city lots, laying out the following streets: Oat, Fern, Ann, and Spring. The Lawrence County history briefly tells us he "inherited a part of the large tract his father bought, and followed farming in New Castle all his life, dying at the age of seventy-five years. (A 1797 church record listed him and a "Pruner" Fulkerson! He died and/or was buried at Warrior Run Church Cemetery, Northumberland, PA [Lot #U-2L] on . He and his wife Susan had children as follows: Wilhelmina, now deceased, who was the wife of John Henderson; Margaret, who is the widow of Edward Fulkerson, who was killed in the Civil war; Elizabeth, who married Boaz Alexander; Sarah, who became the wife of Capt.

Information in them should always be confirmed by checking primary sources (wills, deeds, censuses, etc.). Leaving this work, he was employed as a section hand on the Bells Gap Railroad. He retired from active service with the railroad and divided his attention between the farm and his store at Utahville. Williams took an interest in education at all times and served as a school director for many years in Beccaria Township. Per Civil War pension files, he married to Sarah MOORE (b. The 1860 Census showed William again at Liberty, with Sarah - age 46 - and five children. "B", 8th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry near Peterburg, VA, James began to receive frequent medical care for "chronic diarrhea." Such was commonplace among soldiers in the Civil War, with illness killing far more of them than bullets.

Fremont, for whom he cast his first vote, although a little under age, and has voted for every Republican candidate since. The 1880 Census [page 28, enumerated June 17th 1880] reports a 21-yr-old Edward at Union Twp., Lawrence Co., PA, working for a railroad. Always active in the interest and progress of New Castle, he has been engaged in mercantile business some, and has been identified in municipal affairs to a considerable extent, having held many offices of the town and city, being overseer of the poor ten years and a school director for a lesser period. Their children were: Isabella; Harry; Rose; William; David; J. Olive remarried and divorced, and applied to the Federal government for a widow's pension for herself and her children, based on David's Army service. He enlisted on and served as a corporal in Company D of the 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, which according to their rolls was recruited in Center and Clearfield counties. Fulkerson 79, died of a heart attack on January 19, 1944 at her home in Smithmills. Fulkerson, the third daughter of Henry and Catherine (Shoemaker) Alleman, was born in Allemans, Pa, on September 13, 1862.

The family belong to the First Presbyterian Church. Fulkerson has been an ardent Republican ever since the candidacy of John C. 1859, he was 11 years old on the 1870 Census [Union Township, Lawrence Co., PA, page number 11 enumerated June 23, 1870]. Of these lots, which he has placed on the open market, he has sold the major portion, and many of them have been built on, and are fast increasing in value. His wife, who was a daughter of David Tidball, never lived to pass the half-century mark. They lived at Wausau; David and two of his children are buried there. Smith FULKERSON....-, known by his middle name, and appears on military records as Smith Fulkerson. John Mc Kernan, who served in the Mexican and Civil wars; Lucinda, wife of George Curtis, a veteran of the Civil war; Shadrach; Rebecca, who became the wife of Jordan Fox; Dinicious A.; and George M., the subject of this sketch.

Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER (1st Generation) Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christine VIGNE (2nd Generation) Volkert DIRCKSE and Annetje PHILLIPS (3rd Generation) Philip VOLKERSE and Ann VAN CLIEFT Two New Jersey veterans of the American Revolution became the nuclei of the Fulkerson branches in the rural counties of Pennsylvania. ["Alkie" was sometimes an Anglicized spelling of the Dutch name "Aeltje," which actually translates as "Alice."] They moved to Frederick Co., VA about 1785, where family legend says John lived at Rappahannock, owned slaves and was employed as a stage coach driver. He first became a member of the Arkansas Conference and later the Nebraska Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. While in Nagasaki, Epperson Fulkerson served two terms (1894-19-06) as principal at Chinzei Gakuin [a Methodist mission]. He was still there at the 1920 Census, making his living as a "stock man" with a wife Cordelia (age 32, born in Iowa), three children and several laborers reported in his household. Per the company roster, he "received a gunshot wound in leg at the battle of Seven Pines, Va., during the siege in front of Richmond, Va., the leg was amputated, and he was taken to Philadelphia, PA, where his death was the result." Margaret was five months pregnant at the time of her husband's mortal wound. They continued in this capacity for a number of years. She also attended and contributed generously to other churches, particularly to the Methodist Church of Janesville. after 1899, lived in Tioga Co., PA, moved to Guelich, Clearfield Co., m. A trust fund notice from 1952 named two of his sons, Samuel and Oscar.

Fortunately for family historians who might otherwise run into some confusion, both were named John FULKERSON. John and Alkey later moved their family to Beaver Twp. Kate Fulkerson died of diabetes on October 23, 1903 at the age of thirty-six and was buried at Sakamoto International Cemetery. On the 1920 Census he was listed as a bookkeeper at the Fremont National Bank. From Wisconsin Civil War Compiled Service Records, Muster Rolls, Etc., Reel 10 at Wisconsin Historical Society. Fulkerson David Private, born in Pennsylvania, illegible County name begins with an L or an M, age 33, a Farmer, Married. She raised and then lived with her children (in Utahville Precinct, Beccaria Township) until well into her 80s. They lived in Cambria Co., PA on "one hundred and eighteen acres of farm land, underlaid with coal, which is a part of the original tract of land that belonged to his grandfather, John Glasgow." SMITHMILLS - Mrs. She was a revered and beloved member of her community and her generosity was freely extended to those in need. Fulkerson is survived by one brother, C V Alleman of Smithmill, and by several nieces and nephews. Oreanna STEPHENS, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth STEPHENS. John Oaks FULKERSON....-, lived in Guelich, Clearfield Co., PA, m.

They were also first cousins, born three years apart, the sons of brothers Jacob FOLCKERTSEN and Johannis FULKERSON. (now New Castle) in Mercer Co., PA, buying land there on on Apr 5, 1808. She was survived by her husband and four sons: Anson (1887), Walter (1889, Nagasaki), Raymond (1892, Nagasaki) and Earl (1899, Nagasaki). Enlisted at Plover March 5 by G A Speer or Spencer, for 1 year. One census listed Margaret's birthdate as , although her headstone indicates she was born in 1833. By the 1880 Census, his wife was listed as Annie M., age 45, both parents from PA. Their common grandfather was Folkert FOLKERSON, the eldest son of Philip VOLKERSE. Two sons, John and Lewis, chose to remain in Frederick Co. In 1905, Epperson Fulkerson married Anna Strong (possibly Kate's younger sister). in 1907 for health reasons and in 1908 transferred to the Columbia River Conference. Gray eyes, brown hair,dark complexion, 5' 10" tall. She was listed on the 1890 Census as receiving a Civil War widow's pension. There are also some "unattached" FULKERSONS listed below, linked to 19th-century Pennsylvania but not yet linked to the rest of the family. Sebring's company of the Somerset County militia and also in the Continental Army, in which he served as a soldier, blacksmith, wagoner and teamster. (Family legend, according to descendant Ruth Leathers in a 1960 letter, which also states John was soured on slavery and freed his slaves when he moved to Pennsylvania.) A deed recorded at the Mercer County courthouse showed that John bought land on from Cornelius and Anne HENDRICKSON. The will of Lewis Fulkerson was probated at New Castle, PA on and named two daughters, Margaret and Matilda, and a granddaughter Nettie FULKERSON. There were two daughters produced by this marriage. He spent a few years in Galt, California trying to recover his health. She was probably still receiving it in 1920, when the Census found her at Beccaria, living with children William and Edra. Based on her sister's obit, she may have married a WILLIAMS. Research by a Fulkerson cousin who's actually searching for one of the unattached PA branches in this same county confirms yesterday's educated guess. found Susan and Miles WILLIAMS on the 1880 Census in Beccaria, Clearfield Co., PA, with two young children, living next door to the Fulkersons. Williams: Samuel Miles Williams, deceased, was a native of Pennsylvania. This page was begun several years after the Fulkerson site was founded, and has grown continuously over the years since then. He was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778. It was bounded on the east by the Shenango River, on the south by the Beaver County line, on the north by the farm of Ebenezer Byers and on the west by "donation land." Part of his estate eventually became the Greenwood Cemetery, in which some of the family were later buried. From 1914 until his death on May 29, 1940 at the age of eighty, Fulkerson resided in Canon City, Colorado." The Japanese site also mentions, on an index page, that Epperson was a vice-consul at the American Consulate in Nagasaki. A reading of the essay, found at the Canon City Public Library site at reveals Epperson was just one of a number of local Protestant leaders who supported the KKK as a means to improve schools, battle bootleggers and oppose the menace of Italian immigration in Fremont County, Colorado. Edmund and Margaret were buried at Cambria Mills Baptist Cemetery, Reade Township, Cambria Co., PA [CLICK for larger image]. He was born in Beccaria Township, Clearfield County, the son of Jesse and Caroline (Green) Williams. Her age was reported as 22 in 1880, and like her sister Orien she was living at home with her mother and working as a teacher. Thank you to the many cousins who helped sort out the Pennsylvania Fulkerson families and continue to contribute their own research and historical finds. [OFFICIAL REGISTER OF THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF NEW JERSEY IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, COMPILED UNDER ORDERS OF HIS EXCELLENCY THEODORE F. On John filed for a Revolutionary War pension in Beaver Co., PA, which was awarded (certificate #25855) on . Y., 1897) reported in a sketch about son Robert that both of his parents lived to be at least 80 years. A STRONG family biography, dealing with Kate's brother Benjamin Franklin STRONG, MD, states this post was held during the Spanish American War and also confirmed that Anna (b. One descendant wrote that "Anna went to Japan to care for her 4 nephews, when Kate died, and married her brother-in law []." Another descendant reports that Epperson actually moved to Canon City, CO in 1912, living in a house at 907 S. The descendant said the family business in Canon City involved operation of a swimming pool that included a high dive, but then went on to say, "We have found a reference to Epperson on the internet in an essay describing the rise of the Klan in Canon City - a huge rally was held at the swimming pool owned by Dr. This KKK involvement was a national trend in the 1920s, epitomized in Williamson County, Illinois and many other localities throughout the American Midwest where the Protestant establishment felt threatened by immigrants arriving to labor in mines and other industries. Another Fulkerson, a veteran named Daniel, is buried there with no dates. Samuel Miles Williams' early years were spent on the old Williams homestead near Utahville. In 1799 he and wife Mary Alkey SMITH were administrators of his father's estate. He is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic and he belongs also to the Knights of Pythias and to the Protected Home Circle. In 1887 he was elected associate-judge, and has filled the chair since with honor and distinction. Fulkerson married Miss Mary Ann Gibson, daughter of Abner Gibson of Wilmington township, this county, Jan. Smith; and Margaret." "EPPERSON AND KATE FULKERSON Epperson Fulkerson was born in Newcastle, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1859. Arriving in Japan in March 1887, they came down to Nagasaki on August 31, 1889. 1868 in PA, he was found at Bent Co., CO in the 1910 census, age 41. He apparently remained in the region until about Feb 1862, based on his final child's birthdate. At the death of her mother in 1881 she took charge of the home of her father and later at the time of his death in 1896 she and her brother, C V Alleman assumed charge of the Henry Alleman mercantile business and post office. Fulkerson and took up residence at their home at Maple Lawn near Smithmills, where she and her husband spent the remainder of their lives. Zion Lutheran Church of Glasgow, and at the time of her death was one of the oldest members of this church. The Ginters appear "nearby" on the 1880 Census listing, and Nancy was then 16.