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If the argument is a string, it is interpreted to mean the name of the timezone to locate.

If it is a numeric value it is either the hour offset, or the second offset, of the timezone to find.

(The first one with that offset will be returned.) Returns Create a new Time Zone object with the given name and offset.

The offset is the number of seconds that this time zone is offset from UTC (GMT).

Seconds were chosen as the offset unit because that is the unit that Ruby uses to represent time zone offsets (see Time#utc_offset).

It should be noted above, be careful when manipulating the Date Time object with unix timestamps.In the above examples you will get varying results dependent on your current timezone, method used, and version of the UK’s best known dating site and offers more ways to meet new people.It’s free to register and browse potential matches, so sign up here on our gay dating page and get started!If sharing a similar background or interests with the person you’re dating is important to you, our advanced search filters can help you find gay and lesbian singles who’re right for you.Whether you’re looking for a music fan who loves going to concerts, or someone who’s passionate about politics and independent film, we’ve got it covered.