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It is thought the first open show was on the Pier in 1958, and of interest to me, Dorothy says the gate was 61-2s-4d = 61.13p. Enterance fees, Adults 1/- = 5p, Children 6d = 2 1/2p. The show opened 2pm til 10.30pm on Saturday and 9.30 til 8pm on Sunday. Frank and Betty Punchard brought their son John when he was only a few weeks old. It is not printable the comments that were made from the exhibitors, even the Police agreed it was a lovely sound, but they had their job to do.

Mary Snell While attempting to report the successes and future hopes and fears of this unique society, it has amazed me of the dedication of some of its founder members, some of whom are still active today.In conversation with Dorothy Dawes, I soon found out her wealth of knowledge of the societys former years.Although, not a founder member, like so many ladies, she shared the same interest in birds as her husband Roy, so philosophically she said if you cant beat em, join em What a godsend Dorothy has been. The monthly meetings were held at the Criterion Caf, ( now the Seaway Caf). Members ran a small library where you could hire books each month for a small fee.In many years of association ith the club, Dorothy has been the treasurer and her Hallmark has been one of near perfection. Staging was hired from Notts and Derby Society for 6. Names of distinction judged the shows, Messrs Harry bryan, Willy Watmough (author of the famous Cult of the Budgerigar known to many as the Budgie Bible), Len Hillas, Ken Farmer, Bill Bancroft, Jim Fell, Ray Brown, Will Addey, Alf Ormerod and Jack Freshney.That I feel sure you will agree was sound business practice. My introduction to the Society was in 1966 when Christopher was aged 11, he was a Junior. that year, Arthur succeeded Sandy Charlton as Chairman.

Another exhibition was held at the Yarra Caf from July 17th to July 29th 1954 and raised 81-9s-1d (81.45p) for club funds. One vivid memory of that year was England winning the World Cup and Arthur and Christopher having to leave the television set before the end of play top collect the birds from St. A difficulty had arisen at the Open Show, regarding a person to man the pay box.Who are these men and women who worked so hard, certainly they were the salt of the earth and the back bone of Cleethorpes B & FB S. Peters Church Hall where there had been a Members Show. He was a well known goal keeper in local football and was the only person in the hall with the birds. I pertly remarked they wanted someone who was prepared to stay on all the time.Here is some news that I doubt if many would be willing to do today, that is fetch it from the afore mentioned Society and of course return it after the show. The list is endless who exhibited, fanciers from all over the U. The Cleethorpes Classsic, was certainly a prestigious show and was well and truly here to stay.On one occasion two gentlemen, who shall remain anonymous, lost their way home in Lincoln and finished up in Bracebridge. President), Bob Farrow, Harry Jackson, Phil Keep, frank Punchard (later B. The highest entry was in 1956 when1,692 birds were entered, the next highest was in 1985 when a total of 1,408 was recorded.This caused great amusement as Bracebridge hospital was for mentally sick people. Exhibitors listed were world renowned Harry Bryan, Arthur Bracey (later B. Chairman and President) Sandy Charlton, Jack Dart, Day Bros. One can not forget people that came to Cleethorpes year after year.Remember also vans were bone shakers in those days. Margaret and Brian Binns from Manchester came to the show on their Honeymoon and the years that followed brought their baby sons. were reported to the police, someone living on Isaacs Hill reported us for the noise.