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The coolest thing about having a blog is when you find out that a girl that lives in NORWAY reads it.

From French Cheese: So, I am French but 6 years ago after graduating and a bad break-up (another story maybe), I decided to seek a job somewhere else.I find my dream job in Norway (it is not the capital of Sweden).While being adventurous, I was also afraid of not being able to adapt to a new culture.So, I was really happy to arrive in Norway since it is only a 3h flight from Paris (where I am from).As it's still Europe, it should not be that different. Norway is very different from France in so many ways that I stopped count after 2 weeks.

And even today, my second time living here, I am still surprised by them. When I arrived, I met some young French people and some Norwegian ones.

I decided to try to be friends with the Norwegian ones to understand them better.

So after 6 months of hard work with 2 girls to earn their friendship, I was invited to one of their famous Friday night parties.

Let me explain something quickly, Norwegians are very laid back people, very calm during the week.

They don't scream at each other, they don't complain about the bad weather, they don't speed while driving... Everything is possible, everyone gets drunk, they sing on bus, they dance in the streets...

And of course with booze they have a lot of one night stands (but they don't judge on Monday morning, so that's ok, not that I know anything about that:-) So let's got back to the party, after a small aperitif in my house (just between girls, Norwegian way), we met the guys at a bar downtown. We decide at the end of the night to see each other again, but nothing more.