Dating goebel hummel marks

Photos are always best, otherwise slip ups like this can happen.I also show above, a photo of two W & A pottery marks (ed.Diana confirmed the right hand side mark was the same one as hers).

"dear peter, thanks for the information you gave me about fake arnart hummel figures, but i am sorry to say the information you gave me was wrong, i checked all the Japanese porcelain marks including arnart and none of them matched.[now the good news because you pointed me in the right direction i now know that the figure was made by WAGNER AND APEL (W & A) Gmb H, PORCELAIN FIGURINES LIPPELSDORF, LIPPELSDORF54, 98743 GRAFENTHAL/THUR. so thanks again for steering us in the right direction.Yours Faithfully Diana Ryan."Having just had a query about the same subject - a Hummel look-alike figurine with a crown label (see top photo) - I automatically attributed Diana's mark (without seeing a photo of the mark) to the Arnart Hummel rip-offs (designed by German artist Erich Stauffer).Arnart were big importers of cheap Japanese goods in the 1950's and 60's - also with a crown label.Here is some background to Wagner & Apel (W & A):-See also W & A, Wagner and Apel Porcelain Ballerina Page Wagner & Apel (W & A), Porcelain Manufacturer, founded 1877 in Lippelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany The company went through various reconstructions - Porzellanmanufaktur Kuch & Co. Porzellanfiguren Lippelsdorf (1949 - 1990) and finally Porzellanmanufaktur Wagner & Apel G.m.b. (1990 to current day)Obviously the history of the W & A company reflects the tumultuous history of Europe in the 20th Century - the pre-WW2 period concentrated on the figures based upon the popular German story books of illustrators Hilla Peyk and Bertram, sculpted by German sculptor Eugen Dotterweich.

(1877 - 1883), Porzellanmanufaktur Wagner, Apel & Leube (1883 - 1901), Porzellanmanufaktur Wagner & Apel (1901 - 1948), V. In 1913, Wagner & Apel (W & A) employed 150 people and remained at about that number until the beginnings of the troubles of the war period in 1937.After the war, the town fell into the control of the Soviet block and the factory was nationalized.I very much appreciate work of this type by our visitors. Peter (Admin)===================================Further Comment by Peter (admin)To:- Diana's contribution to sorting out the Arnart Figurines from the W & A - Wagner & Apel figurines Hi Diana This is very exciting information and I very much appreciate you following up with such excellent detective work.Please could you tell me where you got this excellent advice (ed.Diana says she put the term 'W & A figures' into Google and got to an information site - when I tried this search term, I drew a blank).I was mistaking your description of the mark with the Arnart label with a crown - see above (this was probably a deliberate ploy by Arnart).