Dating in the dark wallpaper

Mathias Kiss Mathias Kiss is an artist and interior designer based in Paris.

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Pierre Frey Founded in 1935, French luxury design house Pierre Frey is a family-owned business that designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers.The company’s collection of over 7,000 items includes not only Pierre Frey designs, but also collections from the company’s three brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac.Wine chillers Joe Doucet and Neal Feay Studio It’s not just our proclivities that make us love these beautiful wine chillers.They keep chilled wine cool by trapping air between the bottle and interior of the container, reducing heat loss caused by conduction, convection and radiation.There are two shapes, one for Burgundy bottles and one for white Bordeaux.

The decoration on the outside is inspired by natural patterns, particularly wind-worked sand and snow, and wind directional maps.

Joe Doucet American designer, inventor and artist, Joe Doucet’s work deftly brings together function and visual appeal and, at the same time, conveys layers of meaning and message.

Welcome to Wallpaper* Handmade, our annual documentation of the show-stopping exhibition we present in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.

For the fourth year running, we have acted as client, patron and creative director, commissioning the finest artists, designers, craftsmen and manufacturers across the globe to produce unique furniture, fittings, fashion, foodstuffs and more - especially for us - and for you.

Here we document these one-off creations and show you the seeds of the ideas in the Wallpaper* Sketchbook 'Blue Porter' Mathias Kiss and Pierre Frey This is a reflection on the fold and deformation of rigid materials, using a combination of craftsmanship and contemporary experimentation.

Mathias Kiss drew and painted the marble patterns using an oil painting technique he learned as an apprentice Compagnons, the French guild of craftsmen and artisans that dates back to the Middle Ages.