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Only clicks and conversions are viewable stats for this report.

Conversion stats are going to show traffic referrals from the clicks they are attributed to, not referrals to the conversions themselves.

If you want to filter results, you can choose to filter data by Affiliate, Offer, and Advertiser.Like all other stat reports, you can pick the starting and end dates either from the pre-selected date ranges or choose your own custom date ranges.If clicks in the stat reports don't match clicks in the traffic referrals report, then not all of your affiliate traffic has referral URLs.One of the big questions that marketers ask when they are running traffic is “where are my users coming from?” Performance marketing is no exception, knowing your traffic sources helps you tune your ad campaigns to get optimal returns by knowing your better converting sources and focusing your advertising there.

With the Traffic Referral report, you can view what web pages your users come from and how well those referring URLs end up performing.When a user clicks a tracking link for your Has Offers network, the user is redirect using HTTP (hypertext-transfer-protocol) to the tracking link URL, where the ad server will look at the headers of the HTTP request to see the referring URL, which is a standard value that is passed when going from webpage-to-webpage.When the click is recorded, the referring URL is stored in the click database, and in the traffic referrals report you can see the aggregated results of these URLs.Like the stat reports, the traffic referral report groups the stats based on the selected data parameters at the top of the report.The following fields can be used to group: When one or more of the above options are selected, the date will pivot and each row will contain the stats that match the set of all selected options.If you want to break the stats into date intervals, you can opt to show by each day only.