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She frequently packs auditoriums to capacity, making even standing room hard to come by.

Johanson achieved popularity as a sex educator and therapist on rock radio station Q107.

Johanson's humour and frankness make her a popular speaker at Canadian universities.

Soon after, she married a Swedish-Canadian electrician named Ejnor Johanson.

Later some other districts of the country noticed her performances and began to invite her in schools and universities all over the country.

The first seven seasons were delivered to American audiences by Oxygen Media in 2002.

version of Sunday Night Sex Show, called Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, produced especially for American audiences, debuted in November 2002 on the Oxygen Media.

The recorded program was very popular, but American viewers missed the opportunity to call in and ask their own questions.Talk Sex with Sue Johanson was an educational talk show airing every Sunday night.Boniface Hospital Winnipeg, graduating as a Registered Nurse.Johanson's career rose rapidly since her first classroom teaching in one of the North York schools.In 1972, Johanson opened a birth control clinic in Don Mills CI high school, the first of its kind in Canada.She continued her education at the Toronto Institute of Human Relations (a postgraduate course in counseling and communication), the University of Toronto (family planning), and the University of Michigan (human sexuality), graduating as a counselor and sex educator.