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But essentially, the main principle behind guitar building techniques remained static since the 1950s.One man believed it was time to change this – Ken Parker.

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Notable incarnations include the MIDI Fly, with built-in MIDI facilities to control remote synthesisers, and the nylon-strung Spanish Fly.The cut-price P Series gave less minted players a slice of Fly in 2005, while 2009's Dragon Fly offered a more traditional look.Yet, despite finding its way into the hands of players as diverse as Adrian Belew, Joe Walsh and Matt Bellamy, the Fly continues to divide opinion – and that's exactly what makes its design so timeless.Electric guitars are a product of technology, namely the electro-magnetic pickup, and technological developments have been a prime driver of guitar design and quality.With the Parker Fly, it's not just the shape that's radical.

A pioneering collaboration between luthier Ken Parker and electronics expert Larry Fishman, it boasts a carbon/epoxy exoskeleton, which surrounds the wood core – with a strikingly minimalist headstock, it makes the Fly one light guitar.Upon its unveiling in 1993, it was the first six-string to give players the ability to mix signals from magnetic and piezo pickups, offering an as-then unheard of wealth of tones.The Fly's various models have encompassed just about every combination of woods, necks and vibrato/bridge units.He started off experimenting with different tonewoods, shaving surplus wood off the body to save weight.When he saw a friend of his use carbon fiber to repair speed-boats, he began experimenting with this new material in conjunction with the wood.The resulting guitar was made of a composite, with a carbon fiber exoskeleton providing the rigidity, and a core of traditional hardwood to give the instrument its characteristic tone.