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To this day the people from Porto are known as 'Os Tripeiras' (tripe eaters).One of the specialty dishes in the restaurants worth trying is 'Tripas a moda do Porto'.

There are also 4 conference rooms suitable for up to 90 people, all with audio-visual equipment.In the days of the Discoveries, the fleet used to leave Porto and the Douro river for the newly discovered lands of America, Brazil and the Far East.Before they left, they used to buy all the meat available in the city.As a result the wives and children left at home only had the offal to eat.You will also be standing in one of the most famous spots in military history.

During the Peninsular Wars it was from here that the Duke of Wellington (then Lord Wellesley) directed the crossing of the Douro River to take Porto which was held by Napoleon's army.

It was before the iron bridge was constructed and the bridge was a line of boats lashed together with the road running across on top.

The Pestana Porto Hotel, formerly the Porto Carlton, is situated on the river side in the old area of Porto looking across to the famous view of the river boats and the Port Wine houses on the south side.

The law on Port Wine production requires that the blending to make the product takes place in a defined area of Vila Nova de Gaia or, nowadays, on the grape growing 'quintas' upriver.

No Port Wine is produced in Porto itself which is on the north bank of the river.

Facilities at the Pestana Porto Hotel include elevator, non-smoking rooms and a room for disabled persons.