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'But they paid off the local authorities and made sure people who spoke out against them disappeared'.Maria met Jose Luis Abarca in his father's wedding dress shop in Iguala, where she was visiting with her mother to sell wedding dresses to the businessman.The couple were married less than a year later, both in their mid-20s.'That wicked woman corrupted my brother.

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Maria de los Angeles Pineda, the wife of Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca, was the mastermind behind the Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) cartel.

It was set up in 2009 and is said to be responsible for over two hundred murders and disappearances in northern Guerrero state - where the tourist hotspot of Acapulco is.

Evil: Maria de los Angeles Pineda gave an outward impression of respectability, but she is accused of ordering the deaths of 43 students and being 'Boss of Bosses' of a cartel behind 200 deaths or vanishings Caught: Abarca and Pineda, pictured in their mugshots, were arrested days after going on the run following the disappearance of the students.

Pineda is said to have ordered the abduction to 'teach them a lesson' But she was no patsy.

Those who knew her said she was 'beautiful but evil'.

Behind the false poses of compassion lurks a 'demon' who would think nothing of snatching her enemies from their beds in the dead of night and revelled in the fear her name evoked.It was Pineda who ordered the cartel and corrupt local police force to abduct 43 student protesters on September 26 to prevent them from disrupting a celebration she had planned in the town.She wanted them to be 'taught a lesson'.'Maria de los Angeles Pineda was the principal director of criminal activities committed by the Guerreros Unidos cartel', a spokesman for the Mexican Federal Attorney's office said after the arrest of Pineda and her husband.She is the second daughter of Salomon Pineda and Maria Villa, who together came to forge a brutal and widely feared family crime syndicate operating in Guerrero and Morelos states, which lie to the south of Mexico City.Buried alive: A member of the search party said the victims in the mass graves had been marched to the site, forced to dig their own graves and then killed.While others it seems have been buried alive''The Pineda-Villa family would always leave their victims' bodies by the dock on the town's lagoon', said fisherman Valdemar Servin, of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, where the family had their headquarters.