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I've collected some voices from parts of the large and diverse Perl community to highlight a small fraction of everything going on, from community development, hard core coding, the job market, and various problem domains.

Although not definitive, their combination makes a good summary.

Perl started as a Unix shell replacement to help sysadmins get more productive with less risk and a flatter learning curve (you didn't have to learn the quirks of dozens of small utilities, just the quirks of One Larry Wall).

Of course, Perl's scripting abilities also matured, and the ability to scale Perl programs with modern testing and OO frameworks (like Moose) empowered programmers to write 10-line scripts and 100,000-line applications using the same core language features: a distinctive advantage.Perl 5 development stagnated a bit, trigging the whole "Perl 6" revival, and the relationship between Perl 5 and Perl 6 is still not understood by most people outside the direct Perl community (nor even by some who are *in* the community).But with the establishment of the quarterly point release, and the annual major releases, Perl 5 seems to have gotten firmly back in the saddle of modern development again.And while Perl 6 continues to be developed and redesigned, parts of it are already quite useful for early adopters.brian d foy is the author of Mastering Perl, now available in its second edition, as well as several other Perl books.

As the founder of Perl mongers, he's been active in the Perl community for almost 20 years.Perl's so big now that it's almost impossible to pay attention to everything going on.Instead of reading the thoughts of me, just one person, on the current state of Perl, why not gather several major players who can cover many areas that you may not have noticed?For me, Perl is a reason for creating community systems to support Perl itself.The Perl Foundation doesn't write the Perl language, we don't influence its direction; instead we work with the Perl community to organize funding, volunteers, marketing, and legal counsel.The Perl 5 Core Maintenance fund was created in June 2011, in collaboration with some of Perl 5's most generous supporters, such as and craigslist Charitable Fund.