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not that many people need that though :) Use pyenv There's a software called pyenv which may help you to automate the procedure - what it essentially does is compile Python from source, installing it in your home directory.

Yes, that installed something alright, but how do I invoke it?Typing 'python' gives methe python 2 interpreter and typing 'python3' suggest that its not installed and can be installed from ubuntu repos.For anyone who is interested, I wrote a more verbose step-by-step article on how to install Python 3.3.2 locally from source on Ubuntu 12.04, mostly based on reading @sergey's excellent answer above: safely away from the package manager and system versions of Python.It even fetches the dependencies as well for most versions of Ubuntu.Why can't I update applications without upgrading the whole OS? In short: other packages are relying on an older (still maintained! And please keep your personal thoughts about how this site works for yourself or post it on meta where you can post once you've gained enough reputation points. package If you want to install Python 3.3 on Ubuntu version which does not have it in its repositories, you have the following options: Use a PPA There's a PPA containing Old and New Python versions maintained by Felix Krull.

See Luper Rouch's answer for installation instructions.

Compile Python from source This is very easy and allows you to have multiple Python versions without messing with system python interpreter (which is used by a lot of Ubuntu own programs).

On my dev machine I have literally dozens of different Python versions from 2.4 to 3.2 living happily in Python version, even an alpha, or, say, to have a few copies of Python 3.3 compiled with different settings...

It should work on all currently supported Ubuntu versions (10.04, 12.04, 12.10, and 13.04), and probably on other versions.

I include it below, and have posted it also at my Github repository, which is the master location.

The script should be copied and saved into a text editor as, for example, ) and then can be run with two parameters, where the first parameter must always be the Python branch, and the second parameter must always be the Python version.