Dating the same girl

He tells you that he’s into her and on the inside you’re conflicted because you were thinking the exact same thing.Even though he’s your friend, it doesn’t mean you have to cross her off your list forever.

Maybe she’s not really into him or he doesn’t have the guts to make a move.

Either way, things don’t progress between them and he’s still waiting around, hoping for something to happen.

Maybe, she’s actually interested in you or would be, given the opportunity.

I’ve been guilty of it in the past as well and it’s a ridiculous idea.

You aren’t entitled to a person’s affection just because you said it out loud first.

So then, to be a good friend, you give your friend a shot.He hangs out with her a few times and nothing comes out of it.No, I’m not referring to a new version of the infamous viral video.I’m talking about the protocol when you and your friend both like the same girl. In theory, it’s a healthy message to never put a random girl before a friendship.The problem is that people often abuse it to their advantage in completely unfair ways. Say there’s a girl you met at a party and now hangs out with your group of friends.Your friend thinks she’s cute and wants to ask her out, but so do you.