Dating violence prevention models

This article defines date rape and discusses date rape drugs and how date rape drugs work.Learn ways to reduce a teen's risk of becoming a victim of date rape, how to help a victim of date rape, and what to do if you are a victim of date rape.Date rape is alarmingly common among teens, with as many as 1 in 5 young people being victims.

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Though date rape can happen to anyone, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. Date rape occurs when someone the victim knows forces them to have sex against their will.The exact definition of rape and date rape varies by state, but it generally includes: Other forms of unwanted sexual contact are generally considered sexual assault. Even if a teen has had sex with someone in the past, the teen still has a right to say no to having sex again.A teen can also change his or her mind about wanting to have sex.In either of these cases if someone forces them to have sex, it is rape.The victims of date rape can be male or female, and the attacker can also be of either gender.

According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, over 80% of rape cases are date rape.Most victims do not report rape, but 1 in 5 young women may be rape victims, and 1 in 3 may be the victims of sexual assault in their lifetimes.Most rapes and sexual assaults occur among teens and young adults.It is important to remember that the victims of date rape are never at fault for the rape, even if they were flirting, dressed in suggestive clothing, or drinking or using drugs. Date rape drugs Date rape drugs are powerful drugs that incapacitate a victim.The main date rape drugs include: These drugs cause weakness, confusion, and forgetfulness very quickly after being ingested.The victim can't defend him or herself, can't say no, and often can't remember what happened.