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If anything, I have become more repulsed by men in doing webcam modeling.You couldn't pay me a million dollars to strip on a stage in front of complete strangers.I don't touch anyone I communicate with, I can block those who pose a significant threat or who are too vulgar for my taste and I have control over my own schedule.I did not intentionally mean to offend anyone; please accept my sincere apologies, if I did.What I was really trying to say and express was that I find women who reserve physical intimacy as a private, personal gift of love and affection, to be shared between a husband and a wife in a married context, to be much more attractive, than women who do not see things that way.

So women whom some people might refer to in various ways such as "prude", "goody-goody", "goody-two-shoes", "frigid", etc., I actually find to be much more attractive, as long as they are genuinely loving, caring, affectionate, to the men they love.

I like the "altar girl", "angelic", pure and virtuous types of female romantic stereotypes, so a webcam girl and a nude model / actress simply hold no romantic and attractive appeal to me..please understand, I was in no way trying to bash them personally; again it is not my place to judge anyone I'm a webcam model.

I do it because I get paid weekly ,000+ a week and it is fantastic money.

I don't have to get naked but sometimes do for the extra $$, perform vile sexual acts and even see the perverts on the other side of the screen.

However, in my personal, private life I am pretty conservative.

I don't put out easily, don't sleep around with men.