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” For Lo Dolce, 27, meeting women wasn’t always so easy.

“In college I really struggled to meet women, I went to a school with a high ratio of men to women and I just didn’t connect with the women there.

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He continued, “And I would literally have gone home and kicked myself in the face if I hadn’t just come up and introduced myself.My name is Adam.”Around this time I noticed that Lo Dolce’s body language and confident speaking voice had not only grabbed the attention of the young lady, but a crowd had actually started to form around them.The people in the park wanted to find out how this meeting was going to end, many of them not even pretending not to listen in. Adam hugged the girl goodbye and rejoined me on our walk, showing me her phone number.I was nearly speechless, mustering something along the lines of, “So are you going to call her?He is not only a coach, but also an author and public speaker.

Colleges and universities will often hire him to speak to students about how they can improve their social lives.

“I recently spoke to 1,200 sorority girls in Virginia.

By Kenny Soto Watching “confidence dating coach” Adam Lo Dolce approach a woman in the park is like watching David Ortiz step into the batter’s box.

“Here, let’s do this one…” he said as we approached a beautiful blonde walking near the Swan Boats on Boston Common.

“Excuse me, I just saw you walking by, and I just need to tell you that I think you are absolutely gorgeous,” he said.

As I fell back into “creepy friend” viewing position, the blonde smiled and thanked Adam for the compliment.