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Hi, my name is Rahul kumar and I am 19 years old 5’6” tall and have a sporty body.I really want feedbacks about this story so that I can post two other stories if you’ll liked this one. Just around this time I learned about sex , masturbation and all that. I loved masturbation very much so much so that once I masturbated in the class sitting on the first bench with the teacher standing in front, But I will leave that story for another time.There was this teacher named Sneha , she was a science teacher .

She was the most beautiful teacher one could come across.All the students of the school would fantasize her. I was almost everyday masturbate thinking about her.I just could not wait to see her naked body and have sex with her.But there was absolutely no chance to approach her . Everyone had brought their costumes but no one had already worn them. It was about half an hour before our play and Sneha was giving us some last words of wisdom. I then was watching the play from the front of the stage . I inserted my cock in her pussy and started moving .Then during the end of our 9th standard we were suppose to have our annual gathering in school There were many items to be put up and one was a play or skit which was being put up by the students and teachers . I had brought some itching powder with me to play the trick. Sneha now started having the effect of the itching powder. It took some time for the powder to take effect since she must have been wearing panties and it must have taken time for the powder to get through the panties. Suddenly she would put her hand on crotch and pressed it when she was in a position were not many would have noticed. By now her breast had turned red from the scratching . In a matter of a 30second I blew all my cum in her pussy.

Coincidentally I was a part of the play and also teacher Sneha was a part of it. They wear the saris which are very thigh at the thighs and up to the knees . What I did was I took the powder and applied it to sari which was to be worn by Sneha. There was no special changing room but there was one room which was empty so she changed there . But one thing about this powder ,the more you scratch the more the urge increases. Then she just removed her tops and exposed her breast and vigorously started scratching her breast also. I then thought that I had recorded enough to blackmail her . She said “Rahul, please don’t please don’t do this . Then I made her sit on me and without realizing inserted my penis into her asshole.So then I thought this is my best opportunity to do something. Through which the shape of your buttocks are very visible. I applied it on the area where her crotch would come and I also applied to her tops (tops of the sari). She had to be on stage for the whole play which is about 1 hour. She was so out of control that she just got down of the stage . She came and when to the room where she had changed her clothes. Then I went straight upstairs to her and stood in front of her . She just stopped and covered her breast with her hand and pussy with her sari. She moaned a bit but as soon it went inside it was fine . Again in hardly a minute I blew all my cum in her ass.I just thought that she may not wear a bra as kamwali bai’s usually don’t wear them. But she had dialogue at the start and at the end and there was not dialogue for her in the middle part of the play. She suddenly put her hand in inside her sari and was scratching . But now there were students of other class rehearsing for their upcoming act. Then she saw that there was no place where she could go to . I took my digital camera and climbed the stairs a bit and hid at the bend of the stairs and started recording . I told her that I would not tell anyone about it and that she can continue with scratching her pussy. I was really exited knowing that I was fucking my favorite teacher in school on the third floor and knowing that anyone could come anytime. She congratulated everybody on the success of the play .probably thinking that audience will be thinking she is adjusting her sari. The good part was that there was no toilet there either , Since that was an old hall of the school. I went to her and asked “Maam , Is there any problem , Can I help you? So without realizing she caught her crotch in one hand and started pressing it and her breast in other hand and started pressing it . Sneha had just removed her bottom of the sari and just ripped her underwear or panty apart . She was totally angry with me and told me that she is going to tell principal about it . Then teacher Sneha realized that there was only about 5 minute left for her part to again start in the play. Slowly the effect of the powder started showing again . Then Sneha suddenly noticed and put the sari in place in place . I then went to her asked her for her phone number and told her that I will call her later. I just caught the panty with my hand and pulled it down till her knees.Then she suddenly realized what she was doing and I was in front of her. Then she suddenly said “Come with me Rahul , fast!! Then I showed her my secret weapon , the recording. She then said “Rahul please I have to go now , my part starts in 5 minutes .please try to understand. Since I had applied a lot of powder this time and directly to her pussy. So she just took her hand like before and pressed her crotch. That part of the sari just dropped down exposing her whole hairy pussy to the audience. She really did not want this to happen, but was totally helpless. I did not listen I put my had from the back of her skirt and touched her ass. She was really scared , if any student turned back either to ask something or just out of curiosity to see what the teacher is doing she would be in really big trouble. I then took the panty and kept it with me and started smelling it. It was probably worn for atleast two days without washing .” and started walking out of the hall from the backstage door. As I was climbing the stairs with her she abruptly stopped and said “Rahul just stand her and do not allow anyone to come upstairs .”. Now she realized that she cannot do anything about it atleat For now with so many things going on. I then went close to her and put my hand in her pussy and helped her in scratching . So she started concentrating on her breast as I was doing her pussy. I will meet you after the play and we can then talk. She was still sitting on me with my cock in her ass. But before that I cupped her large breast and sucked them for a minute and then got my cock out of her asshole. As she was putting her tops I then removed some more powder (itching powder) from my pocket and gently applied it to her wet pussy. Since her pussy was wet she would not feel the effect of her newly applied powder immediately. Later that night I masturbated around 4 times thinking of the whole incident and thinking of how lucky I am. Later I called her and asked her how did she like the video. I told sneha that she could go on to do her other work.