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Go ahead and do so, then a window will pop up to allow you to name the account.

Type in the name of the financial institution, your currency and whether the account is taxable or tax-deferred, and click on Next.

At this point Microsoft Money plus asks you if you would like to add some investments to the brokerage account.

You will need to set up an account in Microsoft Money Plus to represent Fidelity, then you will enter any investment transactions for Microsoft and Wal Mart.

The transactions may be to buy, sell, dividends, etc.

Once the ' My bank or brokerage isn't listed' link is clicked, you will be prompted once again to choose an account type.

You can access investment accounts in Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe either by clicking on Investing near the top of the page or by clicking on Investing Home on the left navigation bar.

The investing home screen in Microsoft Money opens up to a webpage from MSN Money which is embedded in the software.

To manage your portfolios from here click on portfolio manager, which you will find under the Investing tab on the MSN Money page.

Alternatively, refer to the left blue navigation bar on the home screen in Microsoft Money, and click on Portfolio Manager located under Investing Home. Each individual investment account in Microsoft Money holds a collection of your individual investment transactions.

Setting up investment accounts in Microsoft Money can be confusing since Microsoft released the free Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe as the most recent version of the software, and a replacement for all previous versions.

There is no longer support for Internet based services in any version of MS Money, yet the tools that use those services have been left in the software.

Before You Start: You need the latest account statement for each account you wish to create in Microsoft Money.

At a minimum, you will need to get balance information from these statements.