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While some people’s first foray into Christmas Ales might be accidental, perhaps due to stumbling across a festive, wreath-and-holly-berry-covered label (as was my case as a new Boulderite just over a year ago) the tradition of Christmas Ales is extremely diverse, dating back thousands of years and spanning the globe.

From ancient European farmers being required by law to brew a winter beer to celebrate the winter solstice to spiced ales being passed amongst carolers and revelers in England celebrating Christmas to America’s first specific “Christmas Ale” released by Anchor Brewing in San Francisco in 1975, Winter, Holiday, and Christmas Ales have never adhered to strict guidelines or a set of rules in order to be characterized as such.

With ingredients that can range from juniper berries to honey to cranberries and more, and profiles ranging from malty to spicy and everything in between, Christmas Ales are a tradition and do not adhere to a hard and fast categorization.

Ezra and Nehemia led the renewed Jewish presence here and rebuilt the Temple.

Herod rebuilt the Temple to its glory - and then the Romans destroyed it, forbidding Jews from residing in their own capital.

Nevertheless, generation after generation, Jews did all they could to return here.

Just as the taps rotate and draft menus shift with the seasons here in Boulder, so do the tastes that Boulderites crave in their beer.

Here in Boulder, a large indicator of the changing seasons is the shift in what beer we have available to us and what beer we crave.

Just as a pint of Oktoberfest on a crisp night marks the beginning of fall, a hearty Christmas Ale hearkens to visions of skiing, cold weather, and kicking the snow off our boots on the door jam before walking into our favorite bar or brewery.

Christmas Ales are synonymous with the beginning of winter snow and the holiday season.

Famous and not-so-famous Jews made the difficult journey here.

Foreign empires were fascinated by this place - and attacked it often. IF ONLY STONES COULD SPEAK AND TELL THE STORIES OF THE WALL...

In this original, easy-to-read, and informative book, one of the stones of the Wall speaks to us, recounting stories, nuggets of history, and inspirational vignettes that together form the tapestry of the Wall.

In this fascinating page-turner, readers experience history from the "inside". The story of the Wall is the story of our People - and our lives.