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I immediately thought of David Walsh who this is also happening to. am - Trying to contact Planet Domain (just assuming this is them). Just sending an email through the contact form for - Got generic email back from Go Daddy: We have reviewed your claim and we will contact Planet Domain and request an FOA (Form of Authorization) for the transfer.If their records also show the same registrant at the time of transfer, we will work with them to see if they can transfer the domain name back.

I have two-step authentication turned on now, hopefully that will prevent this in the future.

My passwords for GMail have always been totally unique and complex. Important to note: I received no email or phone call verifying the transferring of this domain. Was told just to email [email protected](which I did immediately). Go Daddy sent me a DM saying to fill out a form, but the form was a 404 page.

am - I found out about all this from emails from David Appleyard. The email address in my Go Daddy account was unchanged. Friday am - I got the correct link to the domain disptute form and filled it out. The website says it will be 3 days for an initial response. am - I went to my banjo lesson because at least nobody can take that away from me.

Emails are likely generated from all this activity but I saw none of them.

For now, thankfully the nameservers still point to Media Temple, so the site is still up. He initiates the domain transfer away from Go Daddy: unlocking domain, changing registration information, putting in request from Planet Domain.

It recently came to my attention that the ownership of this domain has been transferred away from my ownership to Planet Domain. Hacker gains access to my Go Daddy account and GMail account.Presumably the hacker deleted them from my GMail account. I reset the password through cell phone verification (I still have this text message and a screenshot of it). I thought of a few reasonable explanations for it and went on with my day.Strange: My Go Daddy account password was never changed, nor does that password exist in my GMail account. Question: Was the hacker able to gain access to my GMail account by resetting the password, or did he gain access some other way and then reset the password to attempt to lock me out.In the evening of this day the domain transfer was completed away from Go Daddy and to Planet Domain.Again the hacker was able to access my GMail, gaining access to the needed emails and getting the transfer verification codes, and then delete them so I never saw them. In my file in the root (effects the entirety of Word Press) a link was added to 8 I wake up to be locked out of my GMail account again.He changed the password to the GMail account again. Later I found this same exact thing happened to Kirupa Chinnathambi of Again reset the password through cell phone verification code. (Thought something like my 1Password got out of sync).