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I used to try to figure out how to kind of reel her in, but now I’ve given up.

She prepares a lot, she’s got a lot of funny material, she’s got stuff rearing to go, and I basically have given up trying to prepare anything.

Isn't hanging out with Kathy Griffin the same as coming out of the closet?

If you're not hitting a swanky party or some bars Wednesday night, there's a good chance you'll be popping champagne and watching one of the many New Year's Eve specials on TV.

While there's a lot to look forward to with artists like Taylor Swift, Pharrell and Elton John performing, we're actually most excited to see what Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin get into, hosting New Year's Eve Live (9 p.m. After all, Griffin playfully humiliating Cooper on-air has become as much of a New Year's tradition as the ball dropping in Times Square.

Cooper tells USA Today: I used to worry about it a lot.

Anderson Cooper is determined to show a different side of himself on his new daytime show...and, in some new photos with Kathy Griffin, he does just that.

The show released photos of the CNN host sunbathing with a bikini-clad Griffin.

Cooper was chastely clad in baggy shirt and shorts, but he did hold hands with Griffin as they lay in the sun, and even — quelle shock! Just another lazy summer afternoon with Anderson and Kathy, and the television cameras and photographer documenting their lives. They're most well-known for hosting the most riotous New Year's Eve special around.

Cooper will recap his sunbathing adventure in an episode called “Summer’s Best with Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe,” which airs on Sept. Last year, Griffin tried to lick and undress Cooper on air, and accidentally threw his glasses over the stage.

Kathy always has a bunch of really funny ones and whenever I start to tell her mine, she falls asleep.

So how might she make things uncomfortable this year?

My friend Anderson Cooper is the scion of one of America’s great shipping and railroad families, the Vanderbilts.