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In most cultures, assertiveness is valued a lot more than obedience. Obedient men are usually considered weak or womanly.

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quality that everyone should aspire to; certainly the men do not aspire to it.Instead, it is something that a good woman should be.Western cultures have the same bias with regards to assertiveness being better than obedience, but there is less pressure for women to be obedient.Strangely however, Western religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism have similar expectations of obedience from women as do Eastern cultures.Sijabra blir et komplett planleggingsverktøy for de som ønsker å gifte seg, slik at dere som brudepar skal kunne opprette gjestelister, gavelister, foreta bordplassering og sende ut invitasjoner og takkekort direkte fra Sijabra for å nevne noen tjenester vi kan tilby.

Hvert brudepar får sin egen hjemmeside på Sijabra, der dere kan dele informasjon og bilder, og vil gjøre at det er enkelt for alle å lese artikler, blogg og mye mer.

Sijabra er en gratis tjeneste for alle som vil planlegge sin drømmedag.

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Even more surprising is that Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism are more in step with Western culture, and do not demand obedience from their women.

Being assertive is a more valued property than obedience because evolutionary wise, assertive societies are more successful.

Assertive societies with strong leaders tend to gain more territory, capture more resources, and spread more of their culture than obedient or passive societies, which are more likely to become conquered.