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Note: Do not move your templates out of the Templates folder, or put any non-template files in the Templates folder.

Also, do not move the Templates folder out of your local root folder. The editable region is enclosed in a highlighted rectangular outline in the template, using the highlighting color that is set in preferences.

A tab at the upper-left corner of the region shows the name of the region.

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You can find templates for Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Word Press blogs, and more, but not all templates work in all programs.This column is about creating templates with the extension—a timesaver when creating custom sites in Dreamweaver.1 BEST USES OF DREAMWEAVER TEMPLATES Dreamweaver templates are great for portfolios, photo galleries, and other sites where a series of pages use many of the same elements.Once you've saved, fill in the content area, save again and close your work, then link to your new page.If multiple people or computers are used to maintain this site, you should download the page before you open it.

Highlight it and click Get: See Downloading Files to Make Changes for more information.Templates come in many shapes and styles on the Web.If your site is using Dreamweaver templates, adding a new page is easy.If you're not sure if your site is using templates, read Is My Site Using Templates?If you'd like your site updated to use Dreamweaver templates, e-mail [email protected] visit the Contact Us page.Jump to a step below: The above example's document title is "Russell's Paradox, About Us, Math Department, WCAS, Northwestern University" Before doing anything else, save your work (under the File menu, choose Save).