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Usain Bolt claimed his eighth Olympic gold medal and tore up the record books once again.

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The race was never really against his competitors as much as it was the clock for Bolt, who had his heart set on beating the Olympic record he set in the Beijing games eight years ago.A showman through and through, Bolt's signature smile soon spread across his face as the crowd roared.He brought out his signature lightning pose (main), kissed the track (bottom left) and punched his heart in victory.One Love by another of Jamaica's famous sons Bob Marley played as Bolt grabbed a Jamaican flag and did his lap of honour, singing along to the lyrics as he jigged and blew kisses to the adoring crowd.But this trick is claimed to add those extra inches back to shrunken clothes.

Sky News presenter Mark Longhurst has left the channel just two months after Guardian columnist and political activist Jones stormed off a newspaper review writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.'We are all devastated,' a senior Sky figure tells me.She said it wasn't abut money and on Thursday Amber Heard confirmed she is giving away all of the million divorce settlement she got from Johnny Depp.The actress, 30, told TMZ she is donating the money to two charities: The ACLU, with a direction to use it to help defend battered women, and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where she says she has worked as a volunteer for 10 years.'Money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to defend themselves,' Heard said about her bitter divorce battle with her famous ex-husband.Almost everyone has pulled an item of clothing from the laundry to discover it has emerged a quarter of its original size.